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The Committee

The LuxDoc committee runs day to day operations and is elected once a year among LuxDoc’s members at the general assembly. This committee was appointed at the general assembly on 17/2 2021.

You can check the old committee members here.


Erik Pillon started his PhD in theoretical and Computational Physics in January 2019. He studied Mathematics at University of Verona (Italy) and spent one year in Grenoble (France) within the Erasmus Exchange program.

Vice President

Sadeq Salehi


Jasmin Hiry started her PhD in 2018 at the Department of Law. In her research, she focuses on the rights of initiative in the European Union. She did her LL.M. at the University of Maastricht, where she also worked as a lecturer in the Department of Public Law before joining the University of Luxembourg for her PhD.


Roozbeh Qorbanian 

Legal officer

Georges Dahm is an analytical chemist at Laboratoire National de Santé / Dudelange. He did his PhD at Strasbourg University on Metallocarbenes for therapeutic applications.


Johan Ekström is a 3rd year PhD student at the Department of Physics and Materials science. He did his master’s at Lund University, Sweden.

Committee Member

Lisa Hefele 

Committee Member

Laure Pauly is a 2nd year PhD student in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine working on the retrograde procedural memory in Parkinson’s disease and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. She did her B.Sc in Biology in Montpellier, France and her M.Sc in clinical Neurosciences and Neuropsychology in Bordeaux & Toulouse, France.