Save the date Science Slam 2023 : 15.09.2023!

The principles of Science Slam

A dedicated website for the Science Slam is available here!

Did you ever wish to have a delighted evening while at the same time learning something? Then a Science Slam is just perfect for you! Briefly, several active scientists present their work in an entertaining and exciting manner competing for the credit from the audience. But how does it work?

You might have heard of the concept of ‘Poetry Slam’ which exists since several decades: Creative people present a piece of their writing or other performance on stage – in no more than a few minutes. This is not only a straight-forward approach where everybody can participate, it also gives aspiring comedians the unique possibility to start their career.

In 2008, this concept was transferred to scientific topics – now recruiting young scientists who are excited about presenting their research to the public. The frame, however, remained: Time is limited, and the audience should be entertained plus now also learn about science! Sounds like an impossible combination? Come and see for yourself!

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