LuxDoc Science Slam 6/10/2021

Luxembourg’s Science Slam is HERE!

It’s THE possibility to spend an entertaining evening while at the same time learning something. Six scientists have 10 minutes each to win the heart of the audience.
Because the latter – so hopefully YOU – gets to vote the winner of the evening. Science and research is the core of all the performances. Check out what Luxembourg’s researchers have to offer! Our special guest is Mr. Science.
The event will be covid-check, so it will be necessary to show your proof of vaccination or undergo a covid test (on site test present and free of charge).
This event is organised in collaboration with DESCOM ( and with the support of FNR, Ministry of Culture, LIH, LIST and LISER.

How do I get a ticket?

There are several ways:

1. Send a mail to

2. Call the Billeterie +352/ 26 20 52 444

3. Use the ticketing system of the Abbey

4. Buy a ticket directly at the Abbey at the reception or the Billeterie during opening hours

Please note: Tickets that are only reserved, need to be picked up on-site at the Abbey until 18:30. Otherwise they will return to the sales and you cannot claim them anymore. (Reservation of tickets is free of charge. Tickets are 5 Euros each)

When and where?

The 2021 edition will happen in the evening of October 6th 19:00 (more details to come) and will be hosted at Neumünster Abbey (see the map below). Doors open at 17:30. There will be a pause of 30 minutes after the first half of the contributions.

The number of car parks near the Abbey Neimënster is limited, therefore we encourage all of you to come via public transport!