Volunteers wanted – ING Night Marathon 14/5

The organizers of the ING Night Marathon which is taking part 1st June, are looking for volunteers. If we manage to help them out with at least 15 volunteers, they will in return give us funding so that we can have a nice dinner all together.

What are your tasks as a volunteer?
  • You will be a “course marshall” during the race, securing the route while figuring as the extended arm of the police. All volunteers from Luxdoc will be positioned in the same area, so you’ll have someone to talk throughout the race.
  • Before the start of the marathon you have to meet with the responsible who will give you more detailed information about your tasks
  • During the race: A car with a red flag and the press car will be directly in front of the runners. In general, all cars that are allowed on the course are marked with a “Laissez-Passer”-badge. You can let only these cars onto the course, after checking with the police.
What’s your benefit?
  • Each course marshal gets food and drinks during the marathon.
  • A T-Shirt.
  • Luxdoc will organize a dinner for all members volunteering at this event.
What do you need?
  • A driving license (doesn’t need to be a Luxembourgish one). You don’t need to drive a car during the marathon, it’s just to make sure you know the traffic code.

So, if you’re interested in volunteering for the ING Night Marathon, let us know before Tuesday 14th May by sending an email to: luxdoc@uni.lu .


PS: After the marathon, there’s a big party around the “Gëlle Fra” memorial, which we can all join together!